about artist

Aki Ro is a freelance artist currently living in Tokyo, Japan. He received his artistic training at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China and Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan. His work explores a variety of expressions, including architectural design, art installations, sculpture, painting and writing.
Coming from a Christian family in China, Aki Ro believes that the world is an exquisite whole designed by the Creator and that the “beauty” of this can be revealed through art. The value of art lies in the constant pursuit of the harmony of nature, the perfection of mind and body, and the transcendence of thought that this “beauty” brings.

Please feel free to write him an email if you want to have any further info.

Aki Ro是位旅居日本东京的自由艺术家,相继在中国中央美术学院和日本东京艺术大学接受艺术训练。他的作品探索着多样的表现形式,包含了建筑设计、艺术装置、雕塑、绘画和写作。
Aki Ro出身于中国的基督信仰家庭,他相信世界是由造物主设计的精致整体,并且可以通过艺术的途径来揭示这其中的“美”。艺术的价值就在于不断的追求这“美”所带来的自然的和谐、身心的完美和思想的超越。



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