” Where are you from ? “

Probably, this is one of the most asked questions during people in a travel. One country offers the passport and another visa. After people have stayed long in a foreign place, it might come a time which people feel he belongs to neither of the two countries. However, it may be the proper timing to welcome a new home.

Invisible Truth

2021, Chinese ink, 24 x 33 cm

“Are you hungry for truth?”

In 2020 American presidential election, historically the main stream medias lost the trust from large population. In this period, in the air flowing the smell of people hungering for truth. Countless people are believing the truth can not be covered.

Immune cell

2020, Chinese ink and pastel on paper, 33 x 24 cm

“What devours death?”

In our body, the human immune system is the most effective weapon to kill the COVID-19 virus. The immune cells are taking action to show the life devours death.


2020, Chinese ink and pastel on paper, 33 x 24 cm

“What is the shape of the connection among individuals?”

In pandemic period most people have to stay at home. This situation draws the special connection shape from the one to another.


2020, Chinese ink and pastel on paper, 33 x 24 cm

“Does God interacts with human?”


2019, oil painting stick and pastel on paper, 33 x 24 cm

“Why can’t we try?”

It was inspired by the Cantonese song of “海阔天空” by the Hong Kong band Beyond. The english translation was by Daniel Pagan Murphy .

“Today I, saw the snow drift through the night. With the cold my heart and mind began to fly. I tried to find my way, the fog casts shadows on my mind but there’s a boundless world out there, for you and I. (Why can’t we try?)

Many times, I’ve faced harsh and mocking jokes. Never once did I give up my dreams and hopes. But I feel so cold, I lost my way and don’t belong. All this love inside my soul, has turned to mold. (You’re not alone)

Please forgive me but I’ll always love to chase freedom. Even though I sometimes may fall down, I’ll hold fast and strong, keep my dreams alive. In the end there’ll still be you and I.”


2019, Chinese ink on paper, 24 x 33 cm

“How to describe the shape of Free?”

Towards up

2019, Chinese ink on paper, 24 x 33 cm

“Where am I belong to?”

Up! Go from the surroundings, the contexts, the cultures, to Up!


2019, Chinese ink and pastel on paper, 33 x 24 cm

“Whom are we waiting for?”


2019, oil painting stick on paper, 40 x 30 cm

Rule and Shape

2018, Chinese ink and pastel on paper, 33 x 24 cm

“How to describe the relation from rule to shape?”

This series of painting by using Chinese ink. These various shape generated by certain rules, for instance, the curves turning around the colour points, brushed blocks rotated at the colour points, folding lines go across points, grid consist of different strips, etc,.

Prayer Tent

2018, built

“What is prayer?”

Prayer is connection from temporality to eternity. This tent detailed with pegs, rope knots, movable wheels on base bottom that to state it’s short life span. When people get inside the tent, would turn his eyes naturally up to the opening above, to transfer his prayer through the sky into the eternity.

Chuppa Design

2018, built

“What is the beginning of new family?”

In Jewish culture, the Chuppa is the wedding tent where the bride and the bridegroom to stand inside to hold the wedding oath-taking ceremony. Chuppa represents the start of their new home, and the Tallit covered above means the blessing and protection for the new family.

SUKKAH Tea-house

2018, built

“What could be the engine of cultural innovation ?”

In this Japanese tea-house design, it was inspired by the space of SUKKAH which is temporary living tent during the most important feast in Jewish culture. The SUKKAH is a space four-side closed by fabric material which also applied in this tea-house. It bridges two culture by the materiality.

The Beginning

2017, Chinese ink on paper, 33 x 24 cm

“What is our beginning?”

Drops of ink falling down on the paper then exploded to omni directions. Here comes the question, what is the beginning of Chinese culture?

Emotional Nature

2016, pastel on paper, 33 x 12 cm

“How to describe the nature by emotion?”

These pastel painting describe the nature elements such as wind, season, mountain, cloudy, moist, etc, through the emotional expression.

Poetic Space

2014, propasal

“What is the modern questions of the Chinese are facing to?”

These proposal models are trying find out one solution to arouse modern Chinese people to think in creative spaces inspired by Chinese poetries.

One City One Mountain

2014, propasal

“What’s wrong with Beijing?”

Beijing is sick, his malnutrition is the result of rapid economic growth. This proposal shows the alternative planning option for Beijing’s CBD centre district by one artificial mountain.